Junior High

6th - 8th Grade
Sundays, after worship
Cafe Classroom

Senior High

9th Grade & up
Fridays, 6:30 - 8 PM
Morning Star Fellowship Gym
83 E Chester St., Kingston

Our Vision

  1. We believe the youth are fully whole persons, created in the image of God from the moment their lives were created. They are not ”less-than” Christians but complete spiritual beings with a desire in their hearts that only Christ can fulfill. 
  2. Youth group is building upon the foundation of the Sunday School teachings, with the Word of God being our ultimate authority. 
  3. We are helping youth walk the “on ramp” as adults-in-training preaching victory in Christ, God’s strength for all life’s challenges, and peace for every circumstance. 
  4. Our role as the youth pastors is to be coach to the youth; we can point them in the right direction through scriptures, help reinforce the teachings found in the Old and New Testaments, and encourage and challenge them that God is a very real God whose heart is for them and desires to walk with them closely every day of their lives. 
  5. We are not a replacement for parents and the family unit but a support to them! We want to reaffirm and support the God-given authority parents have over their children.
  6. We want to encourage the youth to do their part to respond to the God who made them, to know Him, and to walk with Him in all aspects of their lives.
  7. We want to worship Him in spirit and in truth.
  8. We want this youth group to be used mightily for God’s purpose.